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Hairy Plopper TM Topwater Globe and Bucktail Combo
The Hairy Plopper TM topwater globe/bucktail combo lure has a rotating head with a GOLD plated big plopper front blade and two full sets of striking sets of flash bucktail skirts and tailed off with a big tailed grub on a changeable cork screw holder.  The Hairy Plopper TM is a great topwater lure that will provide you with some wild action in all weather and water conditions day or night.  We made this lures so it will actually sink at a rate of 2" per second.  Very slow to trigger strikes when you jerk it or start it back up!  The front plopper blade underwater causes some great vibrations to call in those trophy musky and pike too.  Once started back up it rises to the top very fast and plops back in creating an even louder splash and racket!  This is the first of its kind on the market!

This is by far one of the most expensive made topwater globe/bucktail hybrid lures on the market today!!!  The front prop on this lure is plated in real
GOLD metal.  This lure gets maximum reflection to get those big muskie and pike to notice your topwater bait.  Heavy thru wire construction with an oversized real GOLD plated plopper blade and flash bucktail skirts take the globe presentation to a new level.  This lure can be worked during the day or night and in calm, rough, windy, or any other conditions you can put it though!  We put a lot of time, money and thought into this lure.  This is one super tough lure!  The prop is extra thick so they will NOT bend on you during a fish fight and netting like other topwater lures will.  The prop is made from 0.032" thick metal and not the standard 0.0225" thick material used by other musky lure manufacturers.  You will NOT be disappointed with these lures!  Don't pay high prices! We could charge up to $30 for this lure like others do but why!?  We price our lures so the working class musky fisherman can buy a quality crank, trolling, bucktail, swimbait or topwater lure!  We are the manufacturer, distributor, sales, etc. so we don't have all the margins in the middle that need to be paid out so we pass the saving on to you! Our motto is "No more high prices!". We started makign lures form freinds and family and it just grew from there. We are known as the muksy price buster company.

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 -  12 inches in length
 -  Rate of fall is 2" per second
 -  REAL
Gold plated front prop
 -  Made from 0.032" thick metal
 -  Two sets of premium flash skirts
 -  Two 3x thick Musky Hooks
 -  Weight 3.4 oz
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-1 (GLOW Baby Loon)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-2 (Perch Firetiger)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-3 (Orange Dog)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-4 (Orange Black Dot)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-8 (Orange Firetiger)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-6 (Green Perch)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-5 (Tricky Ricky)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-9 (Baby Duck)
 Hairy Plopper Topwater Globe HP-7 (Coffee and Cream)
Northern Pike Musky Topwater Globe Lures.  Monster globe lure bait muskie lures for northern pike fishing and musky fishing with topwater globe style globes and topwater muskies. LeLure Hi-Fin Hedon LeBoeuf globe Globe and others have made these types of globes famous for years and years. LeLure globe by far deserves all of the current manufacturers respect.
musky lure topwater globe

 All 9 Hairy Plopper Globe/Bucktails
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
bass topwater pike bucktail
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